Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Sarah Palin A Hypocrite?

Gov. Palin recently gave a talk to a group in Canada. She mentioned that her family had gone to Canada for emergency medical treatment. One incident cited was on her six-year old brother. Sarah was two-years old at the time. The media is all over this indicating that Gov. Palin is a hypocrite. However, pertinent details are left out, such as it was during the 1960's while she and her family lived in a very rural Alaska where Canadian medical treatment was a few hours away by auto and medical treatment in the U.S. was at least 6-8 hours away by boat, shorter, of course, if they flew.

I am confused. Is a two-year old, Sarah Palin, responsible for parents seeking emergency medical care for a brother of six-years old at an emergency center, located in another country a couple of hours drive from the home, instead of the parents driving/flying/ferrying to an emergency center in your own country which is still today 6 hours of automobile travel time to Juneau? Think of a very rural 1960’s Alaska.

While a few Canadian providences were experimenting with various collective (socialized) medial care programs in 1966, it was 1984 before Canada passed a national health care system. Has anyone stated or proved that the parents of two-year old Sarah did not pay for services rendered? But, how is Sarah Palin a meanie, is hypocritical and wants to deny Americans socialized health care when her brother may or may not have received emergency care under a socialized system that was not nationalized until 1984?

What would you choose to do today? What would you have done in the 1960's? Is Sarah Palin guilty of hypocrisy? You decide.

Until next time, God bless.

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Donna said...

In the 60's my folks would have packed me up and gone as Well...Happy night to you!


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