Monday, March 22, 2010

Rue the Day

People that were for this health care bill will rue the day it passed. Just the bribes that were done to buy votes should have been a clue that this was a terrible bill for the country.

I think the worst bribe I've heard about is where 25 percent of the water needed in the San Fernando Valley, the bread basket of the country, was turned on for two congressmen's yes votes on the HC bill. The EPA turned off the water to save some stupid fish. Farms were blowing away last year and over 20,000 people were put out of work. Tell me how buying votes for water is much different than actions taken by various dictators throughout history?

Remember what government gives can be taken away. Does anyone truly think that health care will NOT be rationed? Isn't medicare broke? What about the post office? How about Amtrack? How about social security? How about the highway trust fund? How is the education system since Washington has gotten involved? Every one of those agencies is broke or will be soon.

Is anyone actually naive enough to think the people in Washington will not spend the health care monies collected on special projects that have absolutely nothing to do with health care? When that happens, don't you realize government is going to come back with rationing and higher and higher health care premiums? Like, they are going to lie about the cause of the HC shortfall. Age 53 in England is considered too old for certain medical procedures.

A pox on the people who passed this bill. They will pay in this life or in the next. I just hope I am still around to see their downfall. My congressman voted yes; I am going to devote the next eight months to seeing his defeat in November, 2010.

Until next time, God bless.

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